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Waist apron

Product code: BVS 3
Product code: Bvs 3/1
Dimension: 60x35
Color: Black
Product code: Bvs 3/3
Dimension: 60x35
Color: White
Product code: Bvs 3/4
Dimension: 60x35
Color: Bordo
Product code: Bvs 3/5
Dimension: 60x35
Color: Gray
Product code: Bvs 3/8
Dimension: 60x35
Color: Red
Product code: Bvs 3/10
Dimension: 60x35
Color: Blue
  • Trendy, functional waist apron with continous strap made of apron fabric.
  • Additional durability due to bartacks on apron straps
  • Patch pocket (60x22 cm) along the entire width of the waist apron with 3 practical compartments.
  • (each 20x22 cm).
  • Material: 60% Polyester, 35% cotton, 215 g/m2.
  • Size: 60x35 cm (width x lenght)
  • Pocket size: 60x22 cm
  • Dimension: 60x35
  • Color: Black
47,62 kn
53,62 kn
47,62 kn
53,62 kn
53,62 kn
53,62 kn
53,62 kn
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Product description

A modern, functional short apron with a continuous fabric strap.

Extra durability due to double stick on apron straps.


Are you able to sew a LOGO HOTEL on a towel?

For all products in the terry program we are able to sew your hotel logo, also on hotel slippers we can make a printed logo of your hotel.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery to buyer's door?

Delivery from payment receipt is up to 7 business days.

On how many degrees are washable hotel towels?

All towels from HRC Group in white are washable at 95 degrees.

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