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Sheet jersey premium

Product code: 609862
Product code: 609893
Dimension: 200x200+30
Product code: 609862
Dimension: 100x200+25
Product code: 604645
Dimension: 140x200+25
Product code: 609879
Dimension: 160x200+30
Product code: 609886
Dimension: 180X200+30
  • Material : Jersey
  • Washable at 95 degrees 
  • Plain
  • 160 gr/m2
  • Dimension: 100x200+25


Jersey Premium sheet with elastic edges to help you adjust the mattress more easily. No ironing needed!

52,79 kn
109,99 kn
87,99 kn
The price includes VAT (25%)
65,99 kn
52,79 kn
The price includes VAT (25%)
79,99 kn
71,99 kn
The price includes VAT (25%)
94,99 kn
75,99 kn
The price includes VAT (25%)
99,99 kn
79,99 kn
The price includes VAT (25%)
Free Delivery to HR for orders over 66,66 €
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Are you able to sew a LOGO HOTEL on a towel?

For all products in the terry program we are able to sew your hotel logo, also on hotel slippers we can make a printed logo of your hotel.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery to buyer's door?

Delivery from payment receipt is up to 7 business days.

On how many degrees are washable hotel towels?

All towels from HRC Group in white are washable at 95 degrees.

Can you sew custom-made bed program?

All items in bedding program we can sew at the customer's request, also table program.