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Pillow case satin strip 1 cm with decorative edge 4 cm

Product code: 70020
Product code: 70001
Dimension: 60X80
Color: White
: Satin
Product code: 70018
Dimension: 50X70
Color: White
: Satin
Product code: 70020
Dimension: 40X60
Color: White
: Satin
  • Material : 100% cotton 
  • Lap
  • ​Washable at 95 degrees
  • Dimension: 60X80
  • Color: White
  • : Satin


Pillow case made from satin in the irresistible white color.  Extremely soft, durable and comfortable to sleep.

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8,18 €
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6,97 €
The price includes VAT (25%)
5,19 €
The price includes VAT (25%)
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Product description


Satin is characterized by a smooth surface and usually a shiny face and a mat background. Exceptional softness is one of the greatest satin attributes.

Although it was originally a silk fabric, it is now made of yarn of other fibers. It is a popular cotton satin made of 100% cotton. Satin is a fabric that is obtained by interwoven or in an atlas link. Characteristic of this embroidery is a relatively small number of tie points, which gives smooth and shiny surfaces. Therefore, they are airy, have no static voltage, have good absorption of moisture. Do not cause allergies or microbes.


Are you able to sew a LOGO HOTEL on a towel?

For all products in the terry program we are able to sew your hotel logo, also on hotel slippers we can make a printed logo of your hotel.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery to buyer's door?

Delivery from payment receipt is up to 7 business days.

On how many degrees are washable hotel towels?

All towels from HRC Group in white are washable at 95 degrees.

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All items in bedding program we can sew at the customer's request, also table program.