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Duvet cover cotton

Product code: 69861
Product code: 69861
Dimension: 140x200
Color: White
: Straight-canvas
Product code: 69878
Dimension: 200x200
Color: White
: Straight-canvas
Product code: 12021609
Dimension: 220x240
Color: White
: Straight-canvas
  • Cotton 145g/m2 top quality
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Dimension: 140x200
  • Color: White
  • : Straight-canvas


Duvet cover cotton for soft and durable comfort, a cover that helps you sleep peacefully throughout the year.

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16,73 €
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22,33 €
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47,56 €
33,29 €
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Product description


Cotton is by far the most important textile fiber. Of the total world textile production, more than 70% of is just  cotton!

First of all, cotton is price-affordable and easy to maintain. It does not require special care, is well washed and has a long life span. Cotton products have been known in India and Central America since 5000 years ago.

 Bedding made of 100% cotton gives the skin a very comfortable feel and allows her to breathe during sleep. That is why, when choosing bedding, pillows or other sleeping set, we usually choose just cotton.


Are you able to sew a LOGO HOTEL on a towel?

For all products in the terry program we are able to sew your hotel logo, also on hotel slippers we can make a printed logo of your hotel.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery to buyer's door?

Delivery from payment receipt is up to 7 business days.

On how many degrees are washable hotel towels?

All towels from HRC Group in white are washable at 95 degrees.

Can you sew custom-made bed program?

All items in bedding program we can sew at the customer's request, also table program.