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Four key reasons for a good sleep

09.04.2019. Comments (0)

What difference in life makes an hour of longer sleep? Potentially a lot, as the sleeping experts say. 

Sleep allows our brain to mingle memories of the day. If you miss a dream then these memories are not stored properly and can even be lost!

Various studies indicate that too little sleep can directly affect your health, weight, and even memory! If you are sleeping on a regular basis without the recommended seven to eight hours, here are four key reasons to turn off the lights and go to sleep an hour earlier.


Does not guarantee immunity from illness but various studies link insufficient sleep to some serious health problems; such as heart disease, heart attack, diabetes, and obesity. In most cases, health problems usually develop after years of bad sleep. However, one study found a problematic change in blood glucose levels in adult young healthy people - who qualified as pre-diabetic - after just four days of simulated sleep disorder! Although more research is needed on this topic, there is a clear indication of the danger of too little sleep.


Loss of sleep can affect the way you work, and can reduce your ability to make decisions. Different studies have shown that individuals who are deprived of quality sleep are significantly worse in solving problems - compared to those who have had a good rest. If you're frustrated in the morning, your body usually says you have not slept enough. Lack of sleep can seriously affect your mood.  Research has shown that lack of sleep influences your emotional regulation - which means that you are more likely to have mood swings.


While a comforters and pillow can not make you sleep for eight hours, the idea of knowing how comfortable your bed can make you go to bed early.

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Author: Maja Ivanović 


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